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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 30, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is following breaking news. a shooting at phoenix, arizona in an office complex. at least three people have been shot and there is a massive police presence on the scene.
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the suspect remains on the loose. canine units are searching the area, including a ga raj attached to the building happening as the showdown over guns on capitol hill takes place. advocates for and against just wrapped up hours of testimony before the senate judiciary committee and the first hearing since the newtown massacre. former arizona congressman gabrielle giffords was the first to speak, delivering an emotional call to action. >> speaking is difficult, but i need to say something important. violence is a big problem. too many children are dying. too many children. we must do something.
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it will be hard, but the time is now. you must act. be bold, be courageous. americans are counting on you. thank you. >> giffords's testimony was followed by an intense day of questioning including patrick leahy and dick durbin taking on the head of nra. wayne la pierre. >> should we have mandatory background checks at gun shows for the sales? >> if you are a dealer, that's already the law. >> that's not my question. i'm not trying to play games here. if you could, just answer my question. >> i do not believe the way the law is working now unfortunately that it does any good to extend
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the law to private sales in collectors. >> worry all due respect that was not the question asked. >> i think it is the answer. we have to get in the real world on what works and doesn't work. my problem with background checks is you are never going to get criminals to go through several background checks. >> mr. la pierre, that's the point. the criminals won't purchase the guns because there will be a background check that stop them from the original purchase. you missed that point completely. it's basic. >> i think you missed -- >> let there be order. please wait. i said earlier, there will be order. >> joining me now from washington is connecticut senator richard blumenthal who said as a member of the judiciary committee, senator, thank you for your time. how would you describe what played out today?
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is it progress or maybe a clear picture of how strongly both sides feel and maybe there is no room here to budge. >> both really. progress because it's a first step towards marking up that which the chairman said what happened this spring. probably next month. second, it illustrated the gaps in views and also the common ground in so far as enforcement of existing laws as well as new laws to make sure there is enforcement. particularly by background checks. i am hopeful there will be common ground to fill the so-called gun show loophole and the private sales that constitute 40% of all purchases of hand guns and all firearms across the country. they now have no background checks. also ammunition background checks that can fill a very urgent need. the black hole, if you will, of prevention. other measures like trafficking
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and purchases and so forth. >> from the testimony from wayne la pierre, we knew going in he would take opposition to universal background checks that many thought would be the least controversial move that perhaps we would see made in the conversation of gun control here. you say you believe there is common ground with enforcement of existing laws. that seems to be the sole focus. me in clearer terms where you saw or see immediate progress. the clock is ticking here. wey have breaking news in phoenix. three people injuried in a shooting. you have a young girl, a teenager who performed in the president's inyaugration who was gunned down as an innocent bystander of the violence that is ongoing from the streets of chicago. where did you see the common ground specifically with the head of the nra? >> more complete information going into the national data bank that is used for the
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background checks. everyone agrees that criminal convictions ought to be accurately and fully conveyed to the department of justice. so the background checks can include people who are seriously mentally ill. people who are drug addicts and people who are domestic abusers. so we can keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people. that was one of the common themes. >> what about any advancement on the conversation of banning assault-style weapons or military-style weapons? >> the two sides are far apart. i support a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. 26 innocent beautiful people in newtown would likely be alive if that kind of stronger gun violence measure would be taken earlier. moving forward, we need to make sure that new stoun a call to action not just a place, but a promise that we will transform
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the action and agenda. >> senator blumenthal, thank you for your time. let me bring in our panel. the cofounder on the violence, democratic strategist and secretary to president clinton. let me start with you here. we saw the exchanges with senator durbin and leahy with the nra president. we know emotions run high on this topic. as i pointed out and i'm sure you have heard today, you have this incident in alabama, a man barricading himself and perhaps firing and taking a kid hostage. the chicago shooting. breaking news right now out of phoenix. i don't want to be pessimistic, but both sides have their view and were not seeing any budging or are you seeing something i'm not? >> i think you are exactly right. both sides definitely are stuck in their ways on this. you saw the nr achieve, wayne la
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pierre dig in and senator durbin who by the way was the senator from illinois who represents chicago. sticking to his opinions on this. the one thing i will note is what the senator mentioned with background checks. that's the only thing that is gaining traction and resembling bipartisan traction. that could be the rallying point where people say we need to strengthen this in an actual piece of legislation. the rest such as an assault weapon ban and extended magazines does not seem possible. >> let me play another excerpt of what wayne la pierre had to say in the hearing today. >> proposing more gun laws while failing to enforce the thousands we already have is not a serious solution for reducing crime. law-abiding gun owners will not accept blame for the acts of violent or deranged criminals nor do we believe government
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should dictate what we can lawfully own and use to protect our families. >> does he have a fair point? there existing laws and when you look at people prosecuted for lying on background checks t amounts to 0.2% or something ridiculous. if we pursue the laws on the books, would that help this situation? >> tamron, as you know, i'm a gun owner and the nra doesn't speak for me or the majority of gun owners. nine out of ten people poled support the president's common sense initiatives for reducing injuries and deaths from guns. what la pierre is saying is such misinformation. the existing law is that criminals and terrorists and even gang members and mexican drug cartel s can go to 33 states and thousands of gun shows and buy guns legally without detection. without a background check or even proof of id.
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law enforcement is going along with existing law. that is hands off guns. what we need to do is figure out how criminals and the mentally ill and terrorist groups are getting guns. you have to start with a background check and consumer protection. >> there existing laws on the books right now that are not being it seemed when you look at the data pursued to the fullest. >> no, that's totally disingenuous. is that the fbi has to destroy gun purchase records after 24 hours. the bureau of tobacco alcohol and firearms can't even regulate gun shows. the database is not sufficient. it could be. if law enforcement was made or ally. think about this. sports men like duck hunters agree they shouldn't have more than three rounds in their shotguns and that's a law to get a duck hunting license. congress said it's perfectly okay to have 100-round clips to kill people.
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>> i want to read this from chris murphy that he wrote. the national rifle association cent countless cycles and million was dollars casting itself a a political juggernaut that presidents should defy at their own peril. for the longest time it worked. not anymore as it turns out. the tiger is made of paper. is the senator right in this assertion when right now just the idea of a universal background check which is supported in the polling and opposed by the nra, that is something we may not see passage. let alone the more significant and harder battle over the ban of assault weapons? >> the senator is right on. we went through an election where they were outspent by special interest. take ohio where the senator was reelected. he was opposed by the nra and
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the koch brothers and he won. you don't need to have more money. you just need enough money. when an issue like this breaks through to the public consciousness, the special interest that threatened to target you for defeat somehow loses a lot of their luster. their campaign spending and contribution won't be enough to outmatch your popular polling as the gentlemen from hand gun control mentioned. 9 out of 10 would like to see background checks. 7 out of 10 nra members would like to see background checks. >> what gives wayne la pierre the confidence to go before the hearing and say no vote is something like this. "the washington post" reported what he planned to say. there was an opportunity for the four million moms and dads that he refers to, members of the nra to call him and say no, we are okay with at least this action.
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>> i think let's break it down to senate math. he would like to think that he can threaten democrats with a failure at reelection time. if he's successful in doing that, he can pick off enough to avoid a 60-vote closure vote. he would like to think there enough moderate republicans and there a couple left that he could scare into towing the line so they too would not go along with the 60-vote closure. that's the math going on here. he is trying to say i will block you, chairman. i will block your legislation. he can only do that if he can block a 60-vote closure number and that's the game. that is the game in its entirety right now. >> i want to play what gale trotter testified to. she is a gun advocate and a senior fellow at the empty women's forman. the fear that perhaps hovers
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over some lawmakers and you have this woman talking about in her opinion or her mind how guns are the equalizers for women who live in fear. i will play the interesting remark. >> guns make women safer. over 90% of violent crimes occur without a firearm. that makes guns the great equalizer for women. >> her comments may ring true for her, but we know that that -- you are using fear to prove your point. you have a sheriff in the midwest who is in hot water involved in a controversy because he reported a message telling people 911 may not get us there in time because of budget cuts so get yourself a gun. take a gun safety class and arm yourself and protect yourself before we get there. you may have to do the job. there is a lot of fear or the use of fear that what if someone
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comes through your door. how do you provide logic when fear is something that is unseen and used in politics all the time? >> right. i thought her testimony was one of the most trusting on the panel given in the past, women in particular have been the strongest supporters for gun control. especially coming to washington and lobbying on that behalf. when you look at the nr a's power and the fear that they install in a lot of members of congress, they have the money to back it up. they can spend millions of dollars in the elections and the gun control group cannot answer back. >> with that money from people, for whatever reason beyond the second amendment and you are right to have a gun in your home, i think those people are also operating on a fear not this clinging to your guns or whatever people like to start fights over the issue, they make folks believe this is the equalizer.
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when the day of reckoning comes and this scary person comes in your home, this is the equalizer. this woman is stating 90% occur without a firearm, but the majority of women that are hurt, it's by someone you love. do you stop loving or stop having a significant other in your? >> i don't think that's necessarily the case. >> it is not the case. we know that's not the case, but that argument presents. >> the nra represents a wide swath of gun owners. a lot of them disagree with the stuff wayne la pierre has said and the female testified on the panel. strength through solidarity. you look at the opposition and the gun people supportive of gun control and they are splintered. they have money and solidarity. that's what makes them so powerful. >> lastly, i have to ask you, do you believe those who want to see a gun legislation passed are doing enough outreach to people
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who feel that they have a right and know they have a right to own a gun, but perhaps are in the middle and willing to look at legislation and feel like they are under siege by those in the northeast or liberals. is there enough outreach at this point? >> i think there is enough outrage among the gun owning community. the majority of nra members support a check and a ban on high capacity ammunition clips and they need to call the congress today and say we support this. the nra leadership represents the gun industry. the capitol management and remington smith and wesson and bushmast bushmaster. that's where the money comes from. the nra members pay $35 to be a member and it costs $100 for the membership. that's a loss leader. it's just so the nra leadership can say we have numbers, but it's the gun industry who is
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unregulate and gives tens of millions to the nra and buying off congress. it's time for congress to find their backbone. >> it is a point i'm happy you made regarding gun manufacturers and the amount of money they put into the everyday moms and dads that they like to refer to. thank you very much for your time. it's a pleasure. a 15-year-old high school band majorette performed at somebody president obama's festivities has become a latest shooting victim. she was shot in the back tuesday in a park. authorities say she was one of about a dozen teens standing under a canopy during heavy rain when a man ran towards the fence and opened fire. a teen boy was also shot in the lug. he belonged to the king college band that performed at inaugural events in d.c. duvall patrick appoints his top
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aide to be john kerry's interim replacement two african-american senators will be serving at the same time. the announcement is after barney frank openly campaigned for the seat. do you agree with patrick? should he pick barney frank? it's our gut check. senator lindsay graham is threatening to block chuck hagel's confirmation. fresh from yesterday. ahead of tomorrow's hearing. we will play the comments for you and joining the conversation, a lot of you sent us tweets in the first 18 minutes of the show. you can mind me and my team. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally.
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we are waiting for senator john kerry to deliver farewell walks after being confirmed
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yesterday as the new secretary of state. kerry is expected to speak in about ten minutes. duvall patrick named an interim replacement. his former chief of staff will serve until a special election is held in june. >> working with and indeed learning for the congressional delegation and president obama, i know i can help move forward the interest of this great state in this temporary period and i look forward to this honor of service. >> joining me now, politics reporter for boston globe. thank you for your time. let's get into the decision by duvall patrick. >> the govern nor was close about his decision making process and he did name a short list. a lot of names were out there. he chose someone loyal to him.
11:24 am
policy-wise, there is no daylight between them. the governor likes personal and inspiring stars that he has. mo cowan has been a trusted aide, someone he relied on and rolling out ambitious policy agenda pieces. >> we know that barney frank sought this interim appointment on a couple of shows on msnbc and released a statement saying i know mr. cowan is committed to working hard and in socially fair and economically efficient matter on pending budget issues. i look forward to the election and providing president obama the support he deserves in carrying out the mandate he received in november. part of the reason is because of the fiscal issues we are facing with sequestration and toxic fiscal issues.
11:25 am
>> and some of the push. >> sorry there a reason he wanted that? >> i can't read into barney frank's mind, but certainly the people who supported him felt strongly about that. the push back you are hearing today including from people within the base is he chose somebody who is rewarded a long time loyal staffer and not pick somebody who in a short period can hit ground running and understands the legislative process and the barney frank camp felt he can get in there and be a player. >> let's look at the timeline for the special election and we can't forget the scott brown factor. what can you update us on with that? >> i lot of reports on what scott brown will report. they will hear something early next week and is it is it t still seems like he is going to run. you keep hearing the doubts and the longer he stayed out, the
11:26 am
more the doubts -- >> what is the main reason or what you would hear would be the primary reason he would not seek that seat? >> only that the typical thing, massachusetts is a difficult state for a republican to win. it's less difficult in state elections for governor where the national issues are not at play and the national republican party as a different overall make where it tens to be moderate to liberal. republicans just have a chance for that. governor patrick who has been popular is not running again when his term expires. that would be the other option. >> thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it and we will be talking with you much more. >> governor patrick's choice to fill john kerry's senate seat is the focus of our gut check. barney frank said he wanted it. >> i'm not going to be calling. i told the governor i can do that.
11:27 am
>> so do you think governor patrick should have picked barney frank instead? how you can weigh in on the hot topic and the u.s. economy shrinks for the first time since the recession end. what does that mean? we will get the first read with our senior editor mark murray.
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the white house is responding to the u.s. economy shrank in the fourth quarter. the first time since the recession ended. the white house cites hurricane sandy and sharp cuts and a short time ago, jay carney laid the blame from republicans. >> at least some of that has to do with the uncertainty created by the prospect. talk about letting the sequester kick in as though it were an acceptable thing. it belies where republicans were
11:31 am
on the issue not that long ago. >> reaction from the post, mikes. consider yourself warned. we have seen battles turn into the credit rating and the economy shrinking for the first time since the recession and carney or the white house believes it's a part of this sequestration we are facing. >> it's important to look at the broad trinity economy over the past two years. for every step or two we see data showing a step backwards. that's the way to read the gdp members. it's a data that is going to be adjusted and the headline is not good news. when you look in the numbers and see hurricane sandy played a role. the defense spending played a
11:32 am
role as well as the doom and groom. you are looking for reaction from wall street and they are shrugging their shoulders. we need moreidate to see if it's a one-time blip or the beginning of a trend. >> when you see the headlines like "huffington post" saying consider yourself warned, obviously that would unsettle anyone with millions of people who have been out of work for a year or two if not more. >> right. it's similar to the poll numbers we have seen in the contest that is important to look at one piece of data and realize there is so much else out there. the numbers were not that good, but the housing sector looks better than any time since the great recession. you end up looking at payroll and the jobless claims are at a low place relative to where they were. there is a lot of hope and an adp survey that shows the jobs
11:33 am
created in january. we will get the official numbers on friday, but positive numbers and it's important to look at the big picture. this could be a one-time blip in data. we will look at the income numbers. >> one time does not make a trend for sure. appreciate it. in less than 24 hours, chuck hagel will have a confirmation hearing. how much of an impact will the campaign to derail have on the hearing? tomorrow including like this one. >> hagel is aspect woman, aspect choice, aspect aiz real, anti-gay and pro assault weapon. >> big questions as to who the donors are, the anonymous donors for ads like the one you just saw. jim as written about the donors and we will give you details on that. the latest on the developing hostage standoff. a suspect happy holding a child
11:34 am
hostage for nearly 24 hours after killing a schedule bus driver. a live report is coming up.
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yesterday nearly three we are listening in as senator john kerry said farewell after 28 years. let's listen in. >> at the end of this office, the people i worked with voted me out of it. as always i accept the senate's sound judgment. years ago, i admit that i had a very different plan, slightly different anyway to leave the senate. 61 million americans voted that they wanted me to stay here with you. so staysing here i learned about humility and that sometimes the greatest lesson in life comes not from victory, but custing yourself off after a defeat and starting over when you got knocked down.
11:38 am
i was reminded throughout this journey that something that is often said that is not always fully appreciated. all of us are only as good as our staff. the staff that gives up their late nights and weekends and postpones vacations and didn't get home in time to tuck children into bed and the lost moments because they are here helping us serve. they are not elected and they didn't get into public live to get rich, that's for sure. their names are rarely in the newspapers. from the savvy and and the mailroom it is to people who answer the front phones to the policy experts and the manager who is write the letters and the case worker who is make government accountable and the people everywhere in between, they make the senate work for people. i have been blessed to have a spectacular staff and while i know every one of my colleagues
11:39 am
say the same about their staffs, it's true about mine. if i start naming names, i will miss somebody. i'm not going to. i think everyone on my staff understand why i want to acknowledge five who are not with us any longer. they are up in heaven looking down and ted kennedy has probably drafted all of them. the latter two of whom were senior citizen volunteers, my boss in office who opened the mail for over a decade. note paid. they did this out of their love of country. we missed them all and thanked them for the selfless contribution. as i do, an entire staff of 561 incredible men and women in massachusetts and washington that i have been privileged to work with through these 28 years, i also think about the interns.
11:40 am
1,393, who have come in and out of our offices from washington to worcester and i am especially proud of those who started as interns and ended up as my chief of staff, a legislative director, senior policy staffers or the kerry interns who went to to work not just for me and who have for the last four years have been top speech writers and senior communication staff at the white house for the president of the united states. i am proud of our internship program and am grateful to the people -- >> senator john kerry saying farewell after 28 years in the senate. naping a laundry list of staffers and thanking them for their work. as we saw with his confirmation hearing, the smooth road. tomorrow can be different. former republican senator chuck hagel's hearing for secretary of defense is another thing. lindsay graham is vowing a
11:41 am
process. >> the one thing i'm not going to do is vote on a new secretary of defense until the old secretary of defense, leon panetta who i like very much, testifies about what happened in benghazi. >> attention is on who was financing the fight against hagel's nomination. the "new york times" reports a brand-new conservative group calling itself americans for a strong defense and financed by anonymous donors is running advertise ams and urging them to vote against chuck hagel and freshly minted organization, use your mandate that presents itself as a liberal gay rights group and performed television time through a republican firm is also attacking mr. hagel. "new york times" political correspondent wrote about this. >> thanks for having me. >> obviously we talked about the opposition to chuck hagel and we see ads going after chuck
11:42 am
schumer for -- going from a modest support of chuck hagel to a full on support of his nomination. what is intriguing is you got another situation of money coming into the system. >> this is the first time we have seen this kind of anonymous money being used in this smaller -- the court nomination and of course the com pain itself. it shows anonymous money on will keep trickling into the system. >> i want to play an ad you mentioned. no on hagel as d as it is referred to. >> hagel is anti-woman, anti-choice. anti-israel. anti-gay and pro assault weapon. that's just not what we voted for in november. chuck hagel doesn't share our values. >> that's just one of the ads.
11:43 am
you have this newly minted or freshly minted organizations that said it is a lab ral gay rights group and performed through a prominent firm. what is going on there? >> they left it so that we can only guess. if they really are prominent democrats and gay rights activists, they are very much under cutting here. one can only speculate that perhaps they are not everything they are cracked up to be and maybe they can say who they are. otherwise we are only left to speculate and it's suspicious and perhaps they wanted to leave it that way. >> worry that said with the suspicion and all the other concerns about these anonymous donors out there, could these ads possibly have an impact on the hearing tomorrow? we talked to a number of senator who is met with chuck hagel and will proceed with the
11:44 am
confirmation that he answered the questions and concerns they had, but could the ads seep into the dialogue and surprisingly derail the confirmation? >> any confirmation has been derailed. we have seen confirmations certain to happen that didn't. if it doesn't have an effect, the people who are putting their names to the activities against hagel have real qualms with him say at least he is in their view moved hagel more into what they are calling the mainstream on issues like israel and iran. they are saying the people who again are willing to identify themselves on the ads said we accomplished our goal and he will be closer to our viewpoint when he gets into office. >> thank you for joining us. we wanted to get you on camera. we were happy to get to a phone. >> i look better there. >> still ahead, denver's mayor
11:45 am
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we are following developing news out of alabama where officials are trying to rescue a 6-year-old boy after being taken boy a host an after a man stormed a school bus and shot and killed the bus driver. they confirmed the suspect is 65-year-old jimmy lee dits. he is holding the boy in an underground bunker. we have learned that he was expected to appear in court on a misdemeanor charge for allegedly threatening a neighbor.
11:49 am
live in midland city, new information on this suspect for us. what do you have? >> we have been calling this a delicate situation. we just have been able to confirm information with a source close to the investigation. it's jimmy lee dits. he is described as a loner and survivalist and distrusts the government. no word on the motive. they say the suspect boarded the stop near a church near where i am standing. he refused to let children off the bus and the suspect opened fire. the bus driver died after being shot multiple times. the county sheriff's office identified the bus driver as 66-year-old charles owen jr. he has been a bus driver with the district since 2009. he took the child he didn't know
11:50 am
to a bunker on his property down the road. the police source told us that the hostage is okay and that the suspect had allowed police to bring him medicine. right now there is no indication of how long the standoff lasted. the police said it's possible that the suspect has stockpiled rations in the bunker. >> do we know about the suspect's family or even more of what neighbors are say being him? >> neighbors say they dealt with him before and he seemed paranoid in their eyes. however there is no confirmation as to his family history and how long he lived on the property. as you mentioned earlier, we were able to confirm he was scheduled to appear in court this morning on a misdemeanor charge of menacing. getting into an altercation with a neighbor. again, police are not saying whether that plays any role in the motive.
11:51 am
they are trying to figure this out. >> gabe gutierrez with the latest on that story out of alabama. our "news nation" gut check is up next. duvall patrick should have picked barney frank as the interim replacement in the senate? a lot of you weighed in. we will get the rest of you to tell us. you can join the "news nation" on facebook."news nation." abby needs everything to throw a big party for the big game. let's see if walmart's low price guarantee can make you the mvp of savings. look at that price. wow! walmart lowers thousands of prices every week. if you find a lower advertised price, they'll match it at the register. no way! yeah! touchdown! ready? get out! that's the walmart low price guarantee! see for yourself! bring in your last receipt, see how much you can save. see for yourself! get great prices on everything you need for your game time party. like oreo cookies and kellogg's special k popcorn chips backed by walmart's low price guarantee.
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>> per there is a lot going on today. things we thought you should know. self depp riication from john mccain at the breakfast panel this morning. here's the senator. think about the low approval ratings for members of congress. >> a guy ran up in the airport and said say, you look like senator john mccain? i said yeah. he said sometimes doesn't it make you mad at hell?
11:55 am
>> a bet's a bet. after postponing due to injury, denver mayor michael hancock made good on the super bowl bet with stephanie rawlings-blake. he had to perform the signature dance. here it is. ♪ ♪ good luck, ray ray. >> he was not dragged into doing that. we said he had to do it. seems like someone enjoyed doing that dance. pretty cool. i like this girl. time for the "news nation" gut check. wow. as we told you earlier, massachusetts governor duvall patrick appointed his former chief of staff to replace john kerry in the u.s. senate. the governor picked cowan over
11:56 am
barney frank who lobbied for the job after spending 30 years in congress. it's only good for a few months. the seat will be held in june. what does your cut tell you. think he should be selected as the senator from massachusetts. cast the vote and look at what the nation is saying about the gut check. can marco rubio convince them on immigration reform? 13% said yes he can and 87% of you say no. that does it for this edition of "news nation." thank you for joining us. tomorrow jack jacobs will talk about chuck hagel's confirmation for defense secretary and i will talk about lev grossman on the rise of drones. the cycle is up next. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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